Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Caller Pranked

Caller : hello, may i speak to mr.dsaint?

dS : this is he.

C : hi sir, my name is so&so from McAfee. i'd like to invite u to our event coming wednesday.

dS : where will the event be held?

C : it is in singapore sir.

dS : and u do know that i'm located in kl right?

C : yes sir. but this talk will be beneficial to u. the topics include....

dS : ok, then where shall i pick up my flight ticket? i hope u booked me at least an aisle seat. i'm not a very good passenger if not.

C : errrr sir....

dS : and please no early morning flight. i'll be cranky!

C : *stuttering now* s-s-ssorry sir, those are not included.

dS: oh! if there is food, no beef please.

the rest as they say... were rotflol... and no... i did not get my free trip to SG.

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